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Study Group: Migration Regimes

Laufzeit: 2013-2017
Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Andreas Pott, Prof. Dr. Christoph Rass, Dr. Frank Wolff

The concept of Migration Regimes is one of the most intensively debated approaches in recent migration research.  It serves as an inspiration for complex and interdisciplinary research, an explanation for policy design or as heuristics to include most heterogeneous actors and their mutual negotiations into one study.  As a result, researchers from all disciplines are working with the concept.  This study group rather envisions to work on the concept. It aims to first observe and collect disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.  Secondly it will suggest a path toward a more methodologically refined usage.  In 2018, this working group has published their results in a bilingual collective volume as the first volume of a new book series “Migrationsregime”, edited by Andreas Pott and Jochen Oltmer and published with Springer VS.


Andreas Pott/Christoph Rass/Frank Wolff (Hg.), Was ist ein Migrationsregime? What Is a Migration Regime? (series: Migrationsgesellschaften), Wiesbaden: Springer VS 2018. details