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Corresponding members of IMIS

Dr. Martin Geiger
Carleton University, Ottawa/Canada, geographical and interdisciplinary migration research, social geography (political geography and population geography), transformation and governance studies; regional focus on (South) East Europe and North America.
Prof. Dr. Leonie Herwartz-Emden
University of Augsburg, general pedagogy/women’s studies. Effects of migration on education, socialisation and school, family and gender relations, children’s and adolescents’ acculturation, methodical and methodological problems of interdisciplinary and intercultural research.
Prof. Walter D. Kamphoefner, Ph.D.
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas/USA, modern history. The history of German emigration, immigration and ethnicity in the USA, American and international comparative urban history.
Prof. em. Dr. Berndt Ostendorf
University of Munich, North American cultural history. Cultural history of immigration, multiculturalism and Creole influence, minority policies and ethnicity, Americanisation and anti-Americanism, transnationalism.
Prof. Panikos Panayi, Ph.D.
De Montfort University of Leicester/Great Britain, European history. Historical migration research, minorities, racism, and violence.
Prof. Dr. John Peterson
University of Kiel/Germany, linguistics and indology. Multilingualism, language contact, codeswitching; literacy acquisition in the context of migration, South Asian languages; Maltese.
Prof. Dr. Werner Schiffauer
European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder, comparative cultural and social anthropology. Transformation of rural and urban Turkey, Turkish migration to Europe, organisation of diversity in European societies, European Islam.
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schriewer
Universidad de Murcia/Spain: Europäische Ethnologie/Volkskunde; Europa- und Regionalforschung, Biographie- und Erzählforschung, Migrationsforschung, Theoriegeschichte und Kulturtheorie, Verhältnis Mensch - Natur (insbesondere Natur- und Landschaftsbewußtsein), Wirtschaft und Arbeit.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schroeder
University of Potsdam, Lingusitics: language contact, contrastive linguistics, language typology, multilingualism in schools.
Hon. Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolf Sievert
University of Osnabrück, intercultural management. Management in China, international human resources management, strategies for internationalisation of small and medium-sized businesses.
Prof. Dr. Thomas Straubhaar
University of Hamburg, International Economic Relations. Economics, economics of migration. Migration theory, economic aspects of migration, integration and diversity, economic bases of immigration policy.
Prof. em. Dr. Dietrich Thränhardt
University of Münster, political science. Comparative political research, comparative research of migration and integration, migration and European integration, self-help and social capital, politics and history of the Federal Republic of Germany, comparative local politics.
Prof. Dr. Ralf E. Ulrich
University of Bielefeld, demography and health sciences. International migration, demographic aspects and effects of immigration to Germany, determinants of population dynamics, reproductive health in developing countries.
Prof. Dr. Manuela Westphal
University of Kassel, pedagogy. Intercultural pedagogy; adolescence, gender and migration; diversity: migration, gender and disability; socialisation and heterogeneity.