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Projects, l-r: Helen Schwenken, SFB 1604, Julia Becker

Project Group C ›Spaces‹

(C1) The Production of Urban Spaces of Migration by Local Administrations and Science

Project leader: Jochen Oltmer, History | Andreas Pott, Social Geography

(C2) ›Unmaking Migrants?‹ The Production of the EU’s Internal and External Borders and their Effects in Historical-Postcolonial Perspective

Project leader: Christiane Reinecke, History

(C3) The Production of Spaces of Skilled Migration: Recruitment and Mobility of  Physicians

Project leader: Christine Lang, Social Geography

(C4) The Production of Spaces of Migrant Disappearance

Project leader: Maurice Stierl, Political Sociology/Geography

(C5) The Production of Climate Flight as an Occasion for Theorisation

Project leader: Andreas Pott, Social Geography | Thomas Scheffer, Sociology