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Edwin Mutyenyoka, photo: private

Edwin Mutyenyoka

MA Development Studies (University of Limpopo, South Africa)

Edwin Mutyenyoka

International Migration, Social Protection, Development Policy


PhD Topic: “Assemblages of Formal and Informal Social Protection among Low-Income Immigrants during Crises: A Case Study of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Alexandra Park, South Africa”

First Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Helen Schwenken

Latest Publications:

Mutyenyoka, E.M. and Tsheola, J.P. (2017). The rural-urban dichotomy effects of social grants on sustainable poverty alleviation in Polokwane Local Municipality, South Africa. Journal of Social Change, 47(3), 406-420.

Mutyenyoka, E. M., Tirivangasi, H. M., & Mugambiwa, S. S. (2017). Dichotomies of chronic and episodic rural-urban poverty: a South African context. Africa Insight47(1), 1-12.