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A3 »You are guest worker children!« Science, School and the Production of Figures of Migration

Prof. Dr. Christoph Rass

Christoph Rass, Foto: Simone Reukauf

Osnabrück University

Prof. Dr. Lale Yıldırım

Lale Yıldırım, Foto: Simone Reukauf

Didactics of History
Osnabrück University

The project examines the role of migration-related research in the formation of figures such as ›foreigners’ children‹, ›guest workers' children‹ or ›pupils with a migration background‹ and their translation into practical knowledge in the German school system. This is traced genealogically since the late 1960s through the analysis of academic and school practice-oriented writings, media and political texts as well as individual professional biographies of actors in the production of knowledge.