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Examination and Evaluation of Good Practices in the Promotion of Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs

Förderung: Europäische Kommission

Laufzeit: 2006/2007

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Michael Bommes
Projektmitarbeiter: Dr. Holger Kolb

The European Commission strongly advocates the creation of an environment conducive to developing entrepreneurship, in particular small- and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, as a result of the high rate of immigration, immigrant entrepreneurs have become more important in most European countries. Hence the EC has commissioned a research project to identify good practices in promoting immigrant entrepreneurship in 32 countries, in the European Union and the rest of Europe. In most European countries, there is a wide array of policy measures and professional organizations aimed at promoting the development of SMEs, facilitating immigrants to start and develop their businesses. Some of these policy efforts focus on improving conditions for immigrant entrepreneurs, by providing training and coaching in the fields of entrepreneurial skills, finance and networking. Other policy efforts aim at removing obstructions in the regulatory framework for SMEs. IMIS has been mandated to coordinate the data collection in North-Western Europe as well as to make a survey of relevant policy measures and professional organizations in Germany and Liechtenstein.

This information will be brought together on a CD-rom, highlighting the good practices in the different countries.